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How can I use PowerMark in my church?
Who is PowerMark?
What age group is PowerMark comics appropriate for?
Can I see a sample of the comic?
Where can I buy PowerMark?
What other products are available from PowerMark Productions?
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How can I use PowerMark in my church?

Here are ways that several churches use PowerMark products:

Children who visit get the first Seeker Series comic in their guest pack. Each Sunday they return to church they receive the next issue. Use the Seeker Series Comics along with our FREE 13 week curriculum written for Issues 1-6. The curriculum works great with Sunday School, After School Programs, Camps, VBS, Backyard Clubs, or Wednesday Evening Programs.

Church children have used both the Adventure Series and the Seeker Series books as a way to evangelize their friends.
Seeker Series #1 was mailed or handed out to children in the community along with an invitation to a 5-day Vacation Bible School or children’s crusade. Each day a child attends they take home the next issue.
Hundreds of churches and families used the Seeker Series in conjunction with “Light In the Night”, a unique evangelistic opportunity on Halloween night.
Several churches have PowerMark Comics in their children’s church “Store.” The kids earn points or “bucks” they can redeem for PowerMark comics and other prizes at the “Store”.
Several churches have used them on mission trips, especially in Spanish speaking countries.
New Mexico Church put them in 300 backpacks given to needy children at the beginning of school with the church name printed on the back of the comic.
If you use PowerMark products in your church, please let us know how. Click the “Contact Us” link to the left to email us.

Who is PowerMark?

Captain Mark Chen, also called PowerMark, is a professional soldier who joined the Alliance at age 17. He became the youngest officer ever to lead an Alpha force unit in the ongoing battle against Leviathan, a force of evil led by the Diviner who’s goal is to establish a new world, one that will be free from individual thought or expression. Protecting an orphanage from an attack by Leviathan, he was wounded in combat. Presently, Mark has been commissioned by the International Christian Coalition (I.C.C.) to lead a mission to create Virtual Reality Episodes (VRE) of the stories of the Bible. With his crew of kids and some really cool gadgets, PowerMark leads one of the most important missions ever…drawing youth back to faith in God and His Word!

What age of children are PowerMark comics written for?

The target audience for PowerMark Comics is children ages 8 to 14. It is written at a 4th-6th grade reading level. However, we have discovered that pre-readers enjoy the pictures and storyline. Teens and adults have also been avid readers of PowerMark.

Can I see a sample of the comic?

Yes, we have posted a sample online. Click here to view a few pages.

Where can I buy PowerMark Comics?

Several Christian book stores are carrying PowerMark products. Check with your local Christian book store to see if they have PowerMark. Click the “Store” tab at the top of the page to go to the PowerMark online store.

What other products are available from PowerMark Productions?

In addition to the PowerMark Adventure Series comics, we have developed:

PowerMark Seeker Series. This gripping six-part story is designed to take a child with no understanding of God and lead them to Christ. The Seeker Series then systematically takes a young person through the basics of the Christian faith and builds a solid foundation of spiritual understanding. The Seeker Series comics are available in several languages.

PowerMark Series One Traveler Edition. Enjoy all of the first 12 Adventure Series comic books in one graphic novel.
Posters. Decorate your room with larger than life posters of our favorite heroes, PowerMark and the gang.
T-shirts. Full color prints or your favorite PowerMark heroes. Girls will especially enjoy the “Girls of PowerMark” print made just for them.