#1 Quest For Truth
Beni, Amber, Lu, Shanti and Yaro are assigned to seek out the truth about Christianity at the Seekers Annual International Forum. PowerMark is assigned to help the Seekers understand Christianity. “Mindfree” plots to stop the “Seekers” on their Quest for Truth.

#2 Let There Be Light
The Seekers begin their assignment while an evil watchful eye looks on. PowerMark is determined to find out who is behind Mindfree. Bala and Vapyr devise a plan to stop the Seekers. Will it leave them in the dark on their mission to seek the truth?
#3 Sabatoge
PowerMark searches for the absent Seekers. Will he find who is behind the plot to sabatoge the Seeker’s mission. The ICC delivers the Seekers special equipment. Mindfree makes a special delivery of their own.
#4 Redemption
Mindfree promises to grant the Seekers their hearts desire. The Seeker’s struggle with Mindfree’s offer.
PowerMark stands by to let the Seekers decide on their own. Will the Seekers turn to Mindfree or continue their quest for truth?
#5 Transformation
PowerMark waits for all the Seekers to arrive at their next meeting. Will they all show or will some decide to join Mindfree? Mindfree plots another attempt to stop PowerMark. Will all systems shut down, before the Seekers find the truth?
#6 Pathway
Mindfree revels in their successful attack on ICC. PowerMark plans an attack of his own. An ICC team works to repair the damage done by Mindfree. The Seekers question what roads really lead to truth.
#7 Masquerade (Special Halloween Edition)
The Seekers receive an invitation to a Masquerade Party. Mindfree finds a stage to present their evil message of darkness. Will PowerMark be able to shed light and truth before it is too late? Will he be able to stop Vapyr before she disappears into the dark night?
#8 Jesus Someone Who Cares
The Seekers present their report at the annual Seeker’s convention.Beni, Amber, Lu, Shanti and Yaro share they found more than what they thought on the quest for truth.Will their personal reports help other Seekers find someone cares for them
Will Mindfree steal the stage from the Seekers?
#9 Victory (Special Easter Edition)
Mindfree confronts the Seekers on the Christian belief in the resurrection. Will they be strong enough to meet the challenges before them? Will the theories questioning the resurrection bring doubt or strength to the Seeker’s faith? Can the Seeker’s help others see, there is more to Easter than egg hunts and bunnies?